Role Of Design Thinking In Human Life

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Design thinking is applicable no matter the role or industry. Whether working in business, government, education, or non-profit, design thinking can help develop innovative solutions based on the needs of the people.

Design thinking could be definitely a big surprise. If you make the right research or having inspiration you could create authenticity. Design thinking is a system in order to “surprise and delight” the audience. Putting yourself in your audience’s shoes is the first and most important step to design thinking.

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To effectively reach your end goal, you must know the audience as a whole. You need to be aware of their needs, wants, hopes, challenges and perspectives. This process requires solid research as well as empathy, but it ultimately provides you with the awareness needed to meet your audience’s unique needs. So, definitely the most important aspect of design thinking for me it is to empathise with the audience. That is the greatest key to be opened for design thinking.

One of the main challenges that l find to design thinking is that the pathway to the goal is so undefined. But learning by your own mistakes could a big lesson and a big step forward for a better solution.

Design thinking could be too structured and linear sometimes. But in the same time, could use this limitation to change it and face-to-face research, getting deeply immersed in others perspectives, co-creating with a team, and designing and executing experiments.

So, in my opinion design think it is working better when people are having some someone to rely on and together think in a wider way.

As Kaaren Hanson, formerly the head of design innovation at Facebook’s design product director, has explained: “Anytime you’re trying to change people’s behavior, you need to start them off with a lot of structure, so they don’t have to think. A lot of what we do is habit, and it’s hard to change those habits, but having very clear guardrails can help us.”

So, l think most humans are driven by a fear of mistakes, so they focus more on preventing errors than on seizing opportunities. They are going for inaction rather than action when a choice risks failure. “But there is no innovation without action”. So that’s why l think that design thinking it is challenging and it is good to have some people around to generate collective ideas, and also the most important, to test the ideas.

Going back to the most important aspect of the design thinking, l did revise my studies, so the best TMA that l had and l felt very fulfilled about it, it was TMA03 which is the board game. I did empathise with the subject and l empathised with some people needs of having a smarter general knowledge regarding world board games. Also, communicating design, the design process and visual design are definitely my favourite subjects to read on this module. That was encouraging to consider design from a personal perspective and gives insight into the transformative power of design.


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