Essays on Romanticism

Comparison Enlightenment And Romanticism

Enlightenment and Romanticism are known as two of the biggest movements in the history of western civilization. From these two, many political, economic, social, industrial and cultural movements developed. Many of these developments are still continued in today’s time. Enlightenment is known as the “Age of reason” while Romanticism was focused on the hearts and...
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Romanticism Ideas And History's Effect On Humanities

In the years prior to the civil war, an era of Romanticism ideas struck the citizens of America. From this Romantic Movement arouse the Gothic movement, which included ideas of guilt that changed the way people created artistic pieces and interpreted them. Specifically, the element of Gothic guilt led to changes in ideas of slavery;...
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European Painting Of Romanticism

Introduction The Romantic School draws on the spiritual values of affirmation and praise, and strives for individual liberation and human rights as the ideological principle. In painting, it advocates individuality, characteristic depiction and expression of emotion. The composition is rich in change, the color contrast is strong, and the brush strokes are unrestrained and smooth,...
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