Essays on Rule of Law

The Explanations Of The Rule Of Law

The rule of law is a term often invoked by politicians, judges, and academics, but the definition is far from certain. The lack of clearly discernible meaning is problematic, as it has been said to underpin the organisation of the state. The constitutional reform act 2005 formally recognises the importance of the rule of law...
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Societal Importance Of The Rule Of Law

The rule of law is of great societal importance as it ensures the maintenance of a free, democratic and fair society. In simple terms, it is the principle that no one is above the law, including those who make and enforce it. This rule is considered to be a fundamental legal concept as it eliminates...
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Understanding Of Rule Of Law

Rule of law simply means that government and its officials together with private citizens must under the law. The rational behind the rule of law is to control the exercise od public power by ensuring that it is exercised strictly within legal limits as such the courts play a central role in upholding the rule...
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Law, Rule Of Law And Jurisdiction

Three separate terms but linked closely to each other. One cannot explain one in the absence of the other. Laws are rules made by the government that forbid certain actions and are enforced by the courts. Government of Canada, Department of Justice ( very aptly describes it when it says; Laws apply to everyone equally....
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The Rule Of Law In Canada

Locke’s works laid the groundwork for liberalism and a new era of governance. The next improvement on the rule of law came from France during the enlightenment period. Charles-Louis de Secondant, known mononymously as Montesquieu, was the first to truly advocate for the separation of powers in government—specifically separating a country’s judicial power from its...
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Formal And Substantive Commitment To The Rule Of Law

The rule of law is a principle/theory which simply states that the system of government should be on the basis of the law rather than the basis of individual politics and has to be followed by everyone including the crown, politicians and members of the executive. It is seen to be a simplistic approach that...
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Rule Of Law: How To Behave Online

Communicating online (how to behave on the web) There is a law, communications Act 2003, that covers all forms of web communication when it comes to comments online such as trolling, as well as indecent or illegal communications. This law helps protect people online because it means that vulnerable and attacked people can report messages...
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Analysis Of James Stephens’s Socrates On The Rule Of Law

In Socrates and the Rule of Law, James Stephens explores Socrates’s seemingly contradictory views on the rule of law in the Apology and the Crito. The charge of inconsistency is first, in the Apology, Socrates openly admits that he willing to disobey an order of the court that would prevent him from philosophizing in Athens...
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