Essays on Salem Witch Trials

Causes And Effects Of Salem Witch Trials

The tragedy of the Salem Witch Trials caused 20 innocent people to be put to death, for the lack of understanding medical examinations and their religious beliefs. The trials lasted from 1692 all the way until 1693, causing even as young as 4 years old to be arrested. They had no knowledge of mental illnesses...
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The Salem Witch Trials And Puritans

The Salem Witch Trials took place in Massachusetts between the year 1692 to1693. According to Smithsonian, ‘more than 200 people were accused of practicing witchcraft—the Devil’s magic—and 20 were executed’ (Blumberg). It was a short amount of time to have pass for the number of people the puritans had executed. The puritans would execute those...
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Salem Witch Trials: Executions And Religion

The Salem Witch Trials formally started in February of 1692, when the troubled young ladies charged the three initial exploited people, Tituba, Sarah Good and Sarah Osborne, of black magic and finished in May of 1693, when the rest of the unfortunate casualties were discharged from prison. During the seventeenth century in Massachusetts, individuals commonly...
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