Essays on Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali: Artistic Style And Creative Process

Salvador Dali is one of the greatest surrealist artists who changes the art world with his unique style and innovative concepts. Dali in real sense is a creative genius and a precocious artist influenced by metaphysics and cubism. Dali transforms his dreams and fantasies into fascinating and ground breaking which are open for conflicting interpretation...
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Jackson Pollock’s Blue Poles And Salvador Dali’s Persistence Of Memory: A Comparative Analysis

During the era of contemporary art, artists with similar circumstances have different opinions, different experiences in their culture and society, which leads to them to have different styles and genres of their artistry. Jackson Pollock’s abstract expressionist painting “Blue Poles”, includes the technique of dripping and pouring oil paint onto the canvas that evokes a...

Surrealism In Salvador Dali's Artwork

The artist I’ve chosen to discuss is Salvador Dali. I stumbled upon his creative process while researching artists for this assignment. His creative process stood out to me because it relates to a concept I am currently studying in my psychology liberal course. In this essay I will give a short description about who Salvador...
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Portrayal Of Sin By Salvador Dali and Auguste Rodin In Their Work

Traditional Christian monotheistic religious beliefs assert that humanity has been challenged by temptation and has made foolish mistakes leading to divine punishment and judgment. Sin was primarily introduced by Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden disobeying G-ds commands and giving into the temptation of the forbidden fruit. Sins are often thought to be...
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