Samsung Mission Statement And Goals

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Samsung Mission Statement:

“We will devote our human resources and technology to create superior products and services, thereby contributing to a better global society”.

(Samsung 1990)

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Samsung clear as crystal water conveyed expressions to mainly focus in taking care of its working staff and employees and technology in context meaning they must be treated fairly, providing them with the necessary training and enlargement to extend their proficiency to what lays ahead. In addition they set a cautious eye towards technological capacity aiming to always be liberal to ensure that their gadgets are always updated alongside the continuous change of the technological society. In other words Samsung must utilize its human resources and mechanism to dispense an innovative product and brand in global scale.

Samsung Vision:

“Inspire the World, Create the Future”.

(Samsung 2020)


Samsung wants to create a world that is dominant in rich digital experience , to provide a quality experience through dynamic technology and products. The goal of this vision is for Samsung to be a brand that the people trust and use, always evolving to greater heights, to be an admired and recognized brand throughout the world. Samsung wants to help us see the foreseeable future that is filled with greatness and most importantly the limitless possibilities of opportunities that is waiting in the future.

Samsung Strategy:

The sustainability management at Samsung has a functioning system which consists of three categories (social impact- managing their activities with their stakeholders, customers, shareholders and investors etc), value chain and core values (people, excellence, charge, integrity, co-prosperity). With this functioning system Samsung wants to create values in several aspects. Samsung does not wish to just focus on the economical values (increase profit and shareholder value) but rather submersed itself in other important values putting focus on social values. Accompanying the advance gadgets, Samsung will also create values in fields of economy, society and environment. Whilst Samsung is clearly representing itself nicely to the world, amid to this they will shrink any negative impacts resonating from its brand.

How Samsung Creates Economic Value:

Samsung provides us with innovative gadgets in order to gain profits, financial stability and organizational growth. However Samsung wants to stamp its innovation into its organizational culture and to create economic value by using sustainable external resources and combining efforts alongside other organization that share the same values, which brings them nearer to create an environmental-friendly dynamic product for every one.

How Samsung Creates Social Values:

Having participation with the United Nations (UN), Samsung creates values that act in accordance alongside United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Samsung is fixing on objectives that is admissible to the proceedings management and surveying the useful or cynical impression in achieving these goals.


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