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Saudi Arabia: Social Issues Involving Women

This statement echoes several social issues involving women but unfortunately aren’t addressed and tackled enough. Some say that gender equality has already been established but one look at reality will show that different factors, such as career, affect the situation. Perhaps one of the most upsetting issues nowadays focuses on the few and the diminishing...
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Women In Saudi Arabia: Inequalities And Violations Of Their Fundamental Human Rights

Unfortunately, despite the many remarkable advancements made in the acquisition of women’s rights around the world, millions of women still suffer egregious inequalities and violations of their fundamental human rights. Intersecting forms of discrimination based on religion, ethnicity, nationality, education, marital status, health status, and employment are entrenched in domestic laws, customs, regulations, and practices...
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General Overview Of Saudi Arabia: Analytical Essay

The Land of Saudi Arabia is a situated in the middle east on the Arabian peninsula. It is a desert country which covers the seashore on the Red Sea and Persian Gulf. In terms of ethnic groups around 90 percent of population in Saudi are Arabs and the rest 10 percent of the population includes...
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