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Dear Spartan Strong Scholarship Selection Committee:

In this letter, I will explain to you why I would make the best recipient of the Spartan Strong Scholarship. I have been at C. W. Perry school for four years. My entire middle school experience has been in this nurturing environment. The experiences I’ve had here have helped me to become a responsible member of society. Without the past four years, I would have been in a much different way. This has truly helped me to become the best possible version of myself, and I hope you will also see the accomplishments of my time here as the reason why I am worthy of consideration.

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I may not have been the face of our school, but I am behind the scenes working to help everything run smoothly. You don’t see your brain, heart or stomach, but you need them to function. Last year in our Mental Health Awareness Group, I was an active member and was even asked to participate in a meeting with mental health professionals from across the province. My participation in the Students for Change club has helped people within our city and around the world. My work as Stage Manager for the school play contributed to C. W. Perry’s reputation as a great place to view the arts. I have helped these programs, and they have helped me too.

In the future, I plan to pursue post-secondary education to train to be an environmental lawyer. As an environmental lawyer, I hope to work alongside other environmental activists to help revive the dying Earth. I plan to minor in either Chemistry or English. These two topics have always been of interest to me, and my knowledge of them will expand in the future if I am able to gain the resources I need. It will take a lot of time and energy, but I am up to the task. High-pressure situations are where I shine through. Hell Week (also known as Play Week) was the best week of my life. Not only was I able to cope with the stress of the situation, but I also worked even better.

During my time at C. W. Perry, I have consistently been a good student morally and academically. This year, I have received Effort Honour Roll both terms, and all of the terms last year. I have gotten on the Academic Honour Roll with Distinction both terms this year and all of last year as well. My academic standing may not be the factor that will get me on the Spartan Strong Scholarship, but the way I got there should. I have pushed myself to go from a point where all of my assignments are late to a point where I’m worried if I procrastinate even one night.

Thank you for reviewing my application. I hope you can see that I would be the best possible recipient for this award.


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