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I was born and raised in DR. Congo, a central African country, second largest in the continent. My country is a great place to live, with a vast potential to develop. I aspire to be one of the most qualified experts in my future field of work. To achieve my dream, I have worked very hard. I have finished high school in DR. Congo. After that, I have realized that in order to distinguish myself among many others, I need to have a good educational background and I need to get experience. I discovered no more effective way than coming to the United States.

It is a fact that in today’s world, English is an imperative necessity. I was consistently good at understanding it, but I’ve always felt the need to acquire it the proper way. Therefore, when I came to America, my initial goal was to learn the language and make it better. After 6 months of nonstop working on the language, I got into Business Administration and Financial Service program. I felt that it would be great to get good managerial roots, so I got into a managerial course as well. Therefore, when I graduate, I’ll have two degrees and an excellent and firm base for further development. After that, my plan is to go to the University of Iowa and get my degree there.

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I feel like communication is expertise that needs to be practiced, reinforced and learned about. As improving communication skills is one of my career goals, I tend to work on it by applying for an internship or working part-time in some organization that corresponds to my desired field of work. I fervently believe that working in a team can benefit everyone. This way, I could get some teamwork experience and in more extended terms, intensify my leadership abilities. As I feel I have the capabilities and the ambition to solve aspired career goals, I think I will gain the confidence, knowledge, and security to overcome any problems that come before me. This way I will be socially beneficial.

Thus, in order to reach this incredible opportunity and to see this dream come to fruition, I fully rely on and hope for this scholarship. In essence, the scholarship will allow me to receive an excellent education in an amazing country as well as apply this knowledge to make myself an expert in desired field of work. Moreover, by supporting my tuition these assets will empower me to spread my newfound understanding and information to additionally instruct the others around me as I intend to educate in protection projects, for example, the Student Conservation Corps. I thank you so much for your consideration. 


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