Scholarship Essay To Pursue My Master In Renewable Energy In Ireland

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My main motivation behind turning into a GOI-IES Scholar is to pursue my master in renewable energy in Ireland. Which empowers me to procreate green energy accessible to every small village and city in my home country and Ireland by highly mitigating the demand toward fossil fuels in power generation. Aside from interest, my major incentive at the back of selecting this course is its future. Since, the limited non-renewable resources in this world can expose any country to the energy crisis within the years coming. Moreover, today global warming is one of the key challenges for developed and developing countries across the universe, which generally originates from the world Combustion power plants, that are responsible for 42.5% of global CO2 emissions. Hence, “the 18 of the 19 warmest years on record occurred on our planet after 2000 according to NASA.” Furthermore, this Carbon emission has become a threat to human life, “which kills an estimated seven million people every year across the world, and 9 out of 10 people breathe air containing high levels of pollutants referring to WHO data.”

It is worthy to mention that Afghanistan’s nation due to the long stretches of devastating warfare has been faced with severe challenges across the country, including illiteracy, energy shortage, poor infrastructure and lack of experts in various academic disciplines. Meanwhile, this country is one of the underdeveloped countries with top atmospheric concerns in its capital. Since, “Household and ambient air pollution kill over 27000 and 11000 people respectively across the country.” Thus, it extremely needs further awareness and specialized in the aforementioned field.

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On the other hand, electricity is the maximum wanted necessity in Afghanistan. Since, most of the people of its populace use polluting fuels and coal for their cooking and heating desires. According to the state Ministry of Water and Energy, “The current power requirement is 2000 MW. Whereas, Afghanistan generates around 300 MW of electricity and about 1000 MW more is imported from neighboring countries.” Therefore, the Afghan government is determined to implement short-term, medium-term and most importantly, long-term power projects with the help of the World Bank to which Ireland have been one of the largest donors through Afghanistan reconstruction trust fund.

Eventually, I realized that in order to produce a professionally positive impact on a national level .It requires extra than just the basics. I believe this can be possible with this opportunity to contribute back to my country in power era to alleviate future supply gaps by exploiting its sustainable resources such as hydro, solar and wind. On a personal point of view, I come from a joint an ordinary family and have been responsible for struggling all financial constraints. Therefore, this beneficent scholarship affords me the possibility to gain my goals and aspirations. Hence, if I become a scholar of this program, I will build a firm networking between GOI alumni association and my community through my built-up systems; I determine to be the nexus between the two countries to foster Ireland priorities in Afghanistan.


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