School Uniform: Reflections About Its Necessity

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During the 16th century, England was the first nation to demand school uniforms. Once this became a norm, it evolved into an obsession, for instance, it affected the social and cultural control over students. It has been discussed for many years in various countries whether or not school uniforms should be introduced. You probably think that school uniform would not be a good idea, but the fact is that it would change so much and improve everyday life for so many young students in school, therefore I stand by saying: school uniforms should be mandatory!

Politicians, along with teachers and students, assert that wearing school uniforms limits student’s self-expression and their self-identity. To emphasize it a bit more, students want to express and identify themselves with certain social groups. However, we need to look at the class difference and equality aspects. Furthermore, students can be singled out and bullied for their economic standing. If we were to introduce school uniforms, all students would wear the same dress code. Students can express themselves through, for instance, doing hair in their style of choice, wearing bracelets, and putting on shoes of their choice, and complementing this with school uniform. This would reduce bullying and class differences drastically. In other words, school uniforms can have an advantage in creating a better community at schools. For instance, if we “eliminate” clothes as a cause for bullying since everyone is dressed the same way, it leads to that there’s no difference between the students whose parents can afford to buy branded clothes and students who have to walk around in second-hand clothes. In accordance with an Oxford University study, shows that school uniforms will increase the community between pupils, moreover it creates well-being among students. In addition, this can also lead to better and higher outcomes for students. Which name is the purpose of each and every school?

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Secondly, uniforms also “educate” students, as each student identifies with the others, which makes them feel proud to be associated with their institution. Therefore, it makes students feel a lot more connected to their school, as well as their classmates. When students wear their own choice of clothing, teachers or even law enforcement speculate that there’s a gang affiliation between students, because gang members often wear particular colors or clothes in association with their gang. Teachers, along with school officials often debate that uniforms reduce gang affiliation by removing the “clothing of their choice”. According to the National Criminal Justice Reference Service, this leads to a reduction in crime, violence, theft, and gang affiliations. Furthermore, it makes students boost their self-confidence.  


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