School Uniform Versus Dress Code: Opinion Essay

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What do you think, should public schools have school uniforms or a standard dress code? This has been a long-debated question and I have to say that there are pros and cons to both sides. In my opinion I believe that we should use a standard dress code so that we teacher children to take pride in what they wear and how they represent themselves.

Some advantages of having school uniforms would be; student unable to compare themselves to each other by what they wear due to a family’s income, this would require less monitoring for the staff on a daily basis and every child would look nice while representing their school. The negative side to school uniforms would be; students not being able to express who they are with how they dress, not being able to wear what they are in the mood for and then wearing the exact same outfit as their peers. When it comes to just having a dress code, students would be able to express themselves with their different styles and taste but we can still hold them to a standard that is appropriate for a public setting. These students can then take that knowledge out into the world when they become adults and are pursuing careers. A few of the disadvantages would be; teachers would need to monitor the students clothing daily, this could increase the competition between classmates as some families have more money than other families so they can buy more expensive items and that could actually increase fighting within the school.

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I believe that having a dress code over a school uniform would be the most favorable choice. Regardless, the main goal should be in how students properly care for themselves, what can they learn and take with them as adults.


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