Essays on Scientific Theories

Evolutional Theories Based On Human Emotions

Evolutional theories based on human emotions have been explored by evolutionary psychologists for many years as it ties the scientific approach with emotions and behaviour which range over all aspects of psychology. Professor Darwin (1872/2009) was the first to discover the concept of evolution and natural selection in addition to how emotions solve a range...
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Evolutionary Psychology: Strategies And Modern Day Correlation

Evolutionary Psychology Did you know evolutionary psychology does not just apply to humans? That is right evolutionary psychology applies to any organism with a nervous system. Although it applies to any organism with a nervous system, which is every living organism except sponges and placozoans, it is mainly focused on humans alone. Evolutionary psychology is...
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Time Travel With Tachyons

Abstract—Scientists thought to build a machine that can travel in time, but till now it has not happened yet. In this paper you will be able to know, how to travel in time, with the help of a particle that moves faster than light. Considering speed of light is the speed limit of the universe....
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Evolution: The Biocultural Approach

The term biocultural evolution explored on both cultural behaviors and biological developments influence evolution, meaning that any changes at one side could become a significant factor that leads a change to another (Lopreato, 1986). The biocultural evolution approach believes that biology, culture, and environment are interacting with each other closely and leading evolution. There are...
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Time Travel As The Most Interesting Topic In Science Fiction

Time travel is one of the best/the most interesting topic in science fiction. Time travel is usually depicted in films such as Back to the Future, and Star Trek, you will see people hopping in strange contraptions or using a device that will take them throughout time. At one point almost every ones overwhelming dreams...
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The Horse Series As A Showcase Of Evolution

The horse series has long been a showcase of evolution. But in reality, this series is the best argument that can be presented against evolution from the fossil record. According to the theory of evolution, it is possible to follow horse evolution through millions of years-how the horse slowly became larger and stronger , lost...
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Time: Gravitational Time Dilation And Time Travel

Time Introduction: Time is known to everybody but it is difficult to characterize and get it. Time has various definitions in various fields yet the method for estimating it has always been the same. The SI unit of time is second and it is characterized by electronic change of cesium particle. Time had a beginning....
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The Origins Of Modern Style Plate Tectonics

Evidence from the Rock Record Archean Crust and TTGs Modern continental crust typically forms as a result of hydration melting within subduction zone environments, triggering melt formation. This melt then rises and forms a volcanic arc, usually resulting in calc-alkaline volcanos and plutons (Rollinson, 2007); however, this was not always the case. During the Archean,...
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Alfred Wegner's Hypothesis On The Continental Drift Theory

The statement “After all Alfred Wegner was not wrong in his hypothesis” is valid. Alfred Wegner, a German meteorologist, geologist, and astronomer was born in Berlin on the first of November 1880 and is known mainly for the continental drift theory. In 1912, he hypothesized that, the continents were slowly moving apart after arguing that...
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