Essays on Seamus Heaney

The Works Of Seamus Heaney: Ireland And Irish Landscape

Ireland’s history is usually seen in comparison with history. Though it was a part of empire, its political, as well as cultural development, has been very different from the other parts of England. In one sense, Ireland can be seen as a postcolonial state. The biggest proof of this is Irish literature which stayed in...
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Analysis Of The Poem The Cure Of Troy By Seamus Heaney

The poem “The Cure of Troy” by Seamus Heaney was written in 1991 from the play “Philoctetes” by Sophocles. The poem has themes of the Trojan war that is relevant to the Northern Ireland Troubles (1968AD – 1998AD) and the South African apartheid (1948AD – 1994AD). The poem coincided with the date of both conflicts....
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Childhood Innocence In The Poem’s Mid-term Break By Seamus Heaney And Kamikaze By Beatrice Garland

 The poems ‘Mid-Term Break’ by Seamus Heaney and ‘Kamikaze’ by Beatrice Garland presents innocence as childhood simplicity and uncertainty, highlighting how one small event can overpower young individuals, bringing in a new perspective of the world. In both poems, they show uncertainty through the various situations and a sense of nostalgia through the memories of...
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