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The Evolution Of The Selfie

The selfie may seem like a rather new idea with the emergence of modern cameras on cell phones, however, this concept really goes back 175 years. Yes that’s correct the true origins of the selfie goes all the way back to 1839. The selfie actually predates the thumbs up, the high five, and the current...
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An Analysis Of Selfies And Their Relation To Crystal Abidin’s (2018) Concept, ‘porous Authenticity’

‘Does my ego look big in this?’ Mobile technologies and the widespread production and sharing of information in virtual communities introduced new frontiers of human communication, allowing visual images to emerge as a dominant form of social interaction. Meaningful to interpersonal communication and capable of provoking a range of responses, selfies are the most intimate...
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Selfie: The History And The Own-Kind Community

Introduction In the 1990s, the emergence of new technologies such as digital cameras led to the revolution of photography (Lim, 2016). When smart devices with front-facing cameras were introduced to the world, a new trend of taking ‘selfies’ became an important cultural phenomenon. A selfie is a photograph taken of oneself by the use of...
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