Essays on Semiotics

Semiotic Usages In Advertisements To Create Meaning

One of the branches of semiotics in this modern world is “consumer or marketing semiotics” as referred to the usages of semiotics in the marketing and consumers field (Noth 1990). As suggested by Mick (1986: 196-213) the fields of semiotics and advertising within the marketing umbrella seem to be interconnected. He stated that semiotics can...
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The Battle Between Semiotics And Phenomenology

The world we live in today is a world full of signs and symbols. Stop what you are doing right now and look up. If you are in your house, outside sitting on a park bench, or in the library, there are signs all around you. Signs that have underlying meanings in order to represent...
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Semiotics: The Study Of How Signs Generate Meaning

In broad terms, semiotics is the study of how signs, (language, images, objects) generate meaning or the processes by which we comprehend the meaning. Challenging concepts such as naturalism and realism, semiotics looks beyond the study of symbolism, exploring the result of complex inter-relationships between the individual, the image or object and other factors such...
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Semiotic Analysis Of The Image Titled Wheatfield - A Confrontation

Introduction This research paper presents the semiotic analysis of the image (Figure 1) titled ‘Wheatfield- A confrontation’ photographed by Agnes Denes in 1982. Denes is a Hungarian-born American conceptual artist who is widely recognised as a pioneer in her environmental activism, and her relentless pursuit to elucidate political and societal injustices with her art. She...
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Different Uses Of Semiotics

Did you know that the study of signs existed since the Greek era? Since the beginning of humanity, signs have been part of our language; as a form of this expression term is called “semiotics”. This term it does not to be confused with Semiology which is a subset of semiotics. Also, it includes the...
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Historicism Versus Semiotics: Comparative Essay

This essay discusses and presents the idea of Historicism and semiotics in architecture through a comparative study between the design of Petronas twin towers in Malaysia and the design of Portland building in the USA. And here is the elaborations of the Historicism and semiotics. Historism is a philosophy and history theory, it set up...
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Study Of Signs: The Essence Of Semiotics

The method I have covered in class and have chosen to discuss is Semiotics. In this essay, I discuss Semiotics and its definition, how it can be used, its historical background along with its strengths and weaknesses. I have used sources such as my textbook, online research and library books. I look at, in great...
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An Analysis Of Semiotic Signs In “Asking Alexandria – The Black” Music Video

Introduction Music video is a short film that integrates a song with imagery, and is produced for promotional or artistic purposes. Music videos use a wide range of styles and contemporary video-making techniques, including animation, live action, documentary, and non-narrative approaches such as abstract film. Some music videos combine different styles with the music, such...
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Semiotic Analysis: Classic Fairy-tales Versus Shrek

In this essay, I will be rhetorically analysing the DreamWorks animation Shrek (2001) to show how it challenges the classical telling of a fairy-tale. The film represented a major turning point in the representation of fairy-tales; in fact, it opposes to the classical story of the damsel in distress saved by a prince, that of...
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