Essays on Serial Killer

Psychological Profiles Of A Serial Killer And A Mass Murderer

The Serial Killer The concept of ‘serial killer’ brings immediately to the most recent crime news, best sellers or television series, but the phenomenon has actually always been a criminological constant despite only recently the serial murder has been recognised and defined as we know it nowadays. In 1986, the first classification of multiple murders...
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The Modus Operandi Of Serial Killers

“I have nothing to say.” These were the chilling last words of serial killer Amelia Dyer who allegedly murdered more than 400 children. Although there is no exact formula or set of signs as to who will become a serial killer, there are certain things we can analyze and delve deeper into in order to...
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What Makes A Serial Killer: Psychology And Criminology Theories

Serial Killers have captured the interest of researchers since before the times of Jack the Killer in 1888. Historical criminologists have been studying serial killers throughout history. Sourcing medieval legends of werewolves and vampires and African stories of killings by lion and leopard men. Some of the oldest documented serial killers include Liu Pengli around...
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Women As Serial Killers: Bonnie And Clyde Syndrome

Why are women psychologically drawn to serial killers? Attraction is an element that every single human seeks. Whether it is being attracted to others or having others be attracted to you, without attraction there would be no human relationships. Romantic, friendly and even just work relationships all involve a level of attraction. There are 6...
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