Essays on Sex

Analysis Of Sex Trafficking

Human trafficking is a broader term that includes using an individual to benefit from them for labor or commercial sex. Human trafficking today can be recognized as modern-day slavery, according to Kirsi Stjerna’s article Sexual Freedoms. The majority of people forced into sex trafficking are women and children. Most of which are young girls, estimating...
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The Issue Of Unsafe Sex

We live in an age where more than 40% of teenagers participate in sex and 46% of that sex is unsafe sex. (Lohmann, 2018) Unsafe sex is sexual activities in which precautions are not taken to reduce the risk of spreading sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies. The statistics make it clear that teenagers participate...
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Sex Victims Of Crimes

Sex workers generally work in an unregulated industry where protection is limited in comparison to other jobs, this gives an element of vulnerability which can be exploited by others (in particular criminals / sexual predators). As sex work is frequently linked with drug and alcohol abuse (in particular street workers) many sex workers find themselves...
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