Essays on Sexual Health

Analysis Of Sexual And Reproductive Health

Executive Summary India is located in Southern Asia with a population of 1.37 billion people consisting of 48% female and 52% male (“India Population,” 2019). India has the 17th largest export economy in the world with a national GDP of $2.6 trillion (India, n.d.) Although it is the seventh largest country by area, it is...
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Link Between Sexual Health And Well Being

I have a friend that does not make the best sexual decisions, currently, she is not on birth control of any kind, and the amount of sexual partners that she has been with is up there. She has had more than one pregnancy scare, from missing her period, using the withdrawal method with less than...
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Analysis Of Sexual Health Issues

Adolescents have always been a matter of public concern as they’ll become the pillar of society. Regardless of background, ability, and belief, they have healthy bodies and minds and develop mature interpersonal relationships. They strive to pursue their ideals and exert their strengths in their respective positions, but without the psychological and physical development, how...
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