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Jainism And Shinto: Comparative Analysis

The Jainism and Shinto religions are just two religions of over four thousand in the world today, and with so many religions it can be hard to distinguish between them all. Commonalities can be found between each religion, Christianity was separated into different sects such as Catholicism and Oriental Orthodoxy, while keeping similar foundations. However,...
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Main Components That Make Up Shinto Religion

Buddhism and Shinto are religions which are generally drilled in the South East Asia and different nations, for example, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, China, South and North Korea among different nations inside and outside the area. The starting point of these two religions goes back to around 2,500 years (Ellwood and Pilgrim 4). The Buddhist...
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Arguments To Prove That Shintoism Is A Religion

Can Shintoism be deemed as a religion based on comparative evidence from Shintoist and Buddhist artworks from the tenth to the thirteenth century Japan? A large contrversial question in regards to religion within Japan is if Shintoism was truly a religion or not. This debate lead to two famed historians, Toshio Kuroda and Joseph Kitagawa,...
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