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Gender Inequality In The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

‘The Lottery’ is a Short Story written by Shirley Jackson, and it tells of a lottery that is held in a small village every year on June 27th. The Person who wins the lottery will be stoned by the whole village, including his/her family. In this particular case, a woman is the one who picks...
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The Jeopardy Of Tradition Fate Or Chance

The story ¨ The Lottery¨ by Shirley Jackson was published on 1948. Villagers from an unknown time followed a twisted and inexplicable tradition. Jackson contemporaneously unravels the setting of a fresh warmth summer day, where people meet in the square between the post office and bank to play the lottery. A cruel ending comes up...
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The Concept Of Village In Shirley Jackson's The Lottery

Shirley Jackson, establisher of the Shirley Jackson Awards and obtainer of her degree from Syracuse University where she was also an early fictional editor for the campus magazine, in her short story “ The Lottery” (1948) claims that a village, ages ago, used the lottery’s type of selection as a way to choose one citizen...
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