Essays on Shooting An Elephant

The Ideas Of George Orwell As A Lens To Examine Rap Culture

George Orwell’s exploration of power, nationalism and politics through language can be used to explain current persisting systemic racial inequality and rising nationalism in the United States as expressed in popular culture of music (Orwell, 2000). Kanye West’s ‘Ye vs the People’ (West, Holland, Holland & Dozier, 2018) and Joey Bada$$’s ‘Land of the Free’...
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Comparison Of Orwell And Singer’s Animal Philosophy

What makes racism and sexism immoral is that you cannot treat someone different because of their race, religion, or sex. The fact false empirical beliefs are held by racists and sexists; it is undeniable that the two vices will always give rise to all forms of prejudice that may be harmful to society. Besides, the...
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Critical Study On George Orwell’s Essay Shooting An Elephant

This Written Task is inspired by our class study of Part 4: Literature – Critical Study on George Orwell’s essay “Shooting an Elephant”. This task will analyze elements such as theme and the ethical stance or moral values of literary texts. In class, we examined the impact of empire in colonized countries in the 20th...
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Concept Of Identity In Graduation By Angelou, Shooting An Elephant By Orwell, And Black Men In Public Spaces By Staples

Identity is the characteristics, beliefs, personalities, and experience of a person or a group. Identity is who people are, as they think about themselves, their perspective on the world, and their characteristics that describe them. In “Graduation,” Angelou wrote about her 8th grade graduation where a white person tries to belittle her and her race....
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