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Humanitarian Law And International Ad Hoc Tribunal: Former Yugoslavia And The Special Court For Sierra Leone

Introduction I would like to begin with a brief overview of international humanitarian law. After which i will briefly describe the context in which the ICTY and SCLA Court was created, its jurisprudence, the court’s role in bringing peace to the area and then, most importantly, the role and limitation of adhoc international criminal tribunals...

Mass Distribution Campaign Within Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is a country located in the Western part of Africa. Corrupt government and private sectors, lack of infrastructural development and incompetent provision of education and right of citizenship are considered to be the factors lead to poverty and insufficiency of economic growth in the country (Stoll, 2011). There are only 40% of the...
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African History In Amistad: Film Analysis

Freedom is a symbol of immortality, a good term for countless people who suffered in Africa. The definition of freedom is very broad. Freedom can be that people can preserve traditional religious beliefs; freedom can be the right to choose a way of life; freedom can be to express their own opinions as they please;...

Girls Not Brides: The Prevalence And Reproductive Outcomes Of Child Marriage In Sierra Leone

Abstract: This article analyzes the relationship between child marriage and reproductive outcomes by regressing going through a caesarean section on people of different age groups and other demographic characteristics. This was facilitated by data from the Multiply indicator cluster survey 2017. The linear regression model indicated that girls who marry early have a higher probability...

Environmental Problems In Sierra Leone And Ways To Solve Them

Intro So many people in the world today live under absolute evil, corrupt countries that create dreadful living conditions and quality of life. Although the country of Sierra Leone as a whole has suffered detrimental setbacks in the political economy system due to civil warfare, and also in several other areas as a country in...
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