Sightseeing And Happening Places To Visit In New York

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The city which brings America alive with its skyscraper buildings, art, fashion, theater, tourism, and food. New York is the heart of America and one of the megacities of the world. Why one should visit New York? if you are a traveler then definitely you should put new york top in your wish list. It offers an endless visiting place for the traveller which makes one difficult to choose.

New York has the world’s best museum and art galleries. Besides this one can visit the Statue of Liberty, one of the seven wonders of the world. If you are a shopaholic person then New York provides an ample opportunity to explore and buy the top-class trending fashion brands. As it is home to world fashion never miss visiting Time square, broadway, and central park.

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New York is a city that never sleeps, it is famous for its nightlife so never miss the opportunity to explore and have fun in the city under the dazzling lights. Theaters and food are other things one should try if you are a foodie. You should try the international cuisine offer by New York.

Sightseeing Places to visit in New York

The Statue of Liberty

The pride of Americans which is a symbol of freedom, this statue was originally built by the world-renowned civil engineer Gustave Eiffel designed by the French architect Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi. In the year 1886, this huge statue shipped from France to America. French gifted American this statue as a symbol of freedom.

One has to take tickets to visit the top of the statue of liberty from here you can have a breathtaking view of Manhattan and Brooklyn. To get this amazing sight to need to book for the ticket in advance. Apart from this, the admission ticket that was taken at the entrance gives access the liberty and Ellis Island.

The Secrets of Grand Central Terminal Walking Tour

The iconic landmark of New York City. To unveil the hidden secrets at this central terminal, one has to opt for the walking tour where a licensed tour guide explains the decades of history. The total duration takes to see this place is about 1 hour 40 minutes. This tour requires a lot of walking so make sure you wear comfortable footwear.

When visiting Grand Central Terminal, have a look at the glass walkway by peeking. The hidden tennis court along with lost armchair. consequently, learn about the whispering gallery which is closed currently due to some unexcepted accidents that took place here.

Empire State Building

The most popular tourist site and the first building in the world that had 100 floors. Yearly, this building welcomes more than 3.5 tourists around the world. The top of the skyscraper building provides an unparalleled view of New York and neighboring states like New Jersy, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. From the height of 1,050 ft.

One has to visit this building in the night as this building top glows with the different colors of lights and the view of New York dazzling night view gives visitors a breathtaking experience.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

If you are an art lover make sure you visit this world-famous art museum yearly visited by more than 7.5 million visitors. This museum extends to the central park. It has more than 2 million pieces of art. The french art, ancient Greek art, and the Egyptian ruler’s tomb are special attraction here. As it is a popular tourist site along the queue line, it will be at the entrance of the museum. To end the long wait one can enter this museum from the Met Breuer and the Cloisters.

Central Park

The picturesque place is a great place to visit. Here one can have an amazing view of the city and relax oneself. When you visit central park make sure you visit the Bethesda fountain and the Strawberry field. Before going to Central Park, prior knowledge about the place is more advisable. Either you can ask a guide or local New Yorkers.

Here you can tour the park through a bike ride behind the entrance of the park bikes rent shed is available to tour the park. This park has the lengthy bike trails that lead to the Great green lawns and the scenic lake with the peddling boats. Expert photographers are available at the park. By visiting the heart of New York City Central Park takes home the amazing memories with you.

Happening places to visit in New York


The visit to New York goes no use if you did not visit the most happening place Broadway. As it is a hub for theaters here, more than 40 theaters are present to entertain visitors with different stories. This place brings the stories alive on to stages. To see a show one has to book tickets in advance. Have you ever seen an Opera? No, then grab the opportunity here by visiting the theaters which offer opera show.

Time square

The Hub for entertainment and the business. The world-renowned New York times headquarters is located in times square for more than a decade. Hence the name Times square. The first sight anyone gets when you step into Time square is the busy lifestyle of the Newyork city. Here more than 3 lakhs pedestrians walk from the pavement of the Time square per day. The other attraction in Time square is the Boardway. The distance between the Time square and the broadway is 3 miles. The Time square metro is the world’s busiest metro station.


This famous area of the NewYork falls under the city’s economic and administrative sectors. Apart from this, has leading entertainment, media, Finance sectors here. This indeed is known as the most powerful and leading Financial capital of the world. In fact, the world-famous wall street is located in the Financial District of lower manhattan.

Manhattan, have the two world’s greatest stock exchanges which are the New York Stock exchange and the other is the Nasdaq Stock exchange. Manhattan is an island that is surrounded by two rivers and a hill. Central Park is located in the center of Manhattan.


Towards the east lies the City which is known as the city of kings. The place is popular for the Brooklyn bridge. Many tourists or locals opt for the walk on the bridge where they can have a spectacular view of the Manhatten and Brooklyn from the top of the bridge. As this bridge connects Manhatten, many commuters travel through Brooklyn bridge to reach the Financial District. Hence, to cut the hustle and bustle of the vehicle one has to visit this place either morning or evening.

Famous New York cuisine

New York is a foodies’ paradise that has 23 thousand restaurants with 60 international cuisines. Here people line for their favorite burger and desserts for hours. Here the chef innovates new dishes every day. Never miss visiting Katz’s Delicatessen and Frankel’s Delicatessen which provide the best Jewish food. Along with this when you are in Manhattan try the famous Manhattan clam chowder. Besides this try New York style Cheesecakes and the Pizza.


New York has megacities of the world, offering endless tourist sites that make one difficult to priorities the visit list. When you are in New York never miss visiting one of the seven wonders of the world. Along with that pay a visit to the famous museums and Art galleries. Besides this visit, the amazing central park and most happening places, the New York heart of America never stops to surprise you.


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