Essays on Sign Language

Sign Language: History And Analysis Of Case Studies

Introduction Sign language has played a significant role in the deaf culture. Individuals who were deaf did not have a voice to communicate with, but when sign language was created it gave deaf individuals a newfound voice. Sign language started a new culture for the deaf community and brought them around the world together. In...
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System For Improved Sign Language Recognition

Abstract— Sign language is one of the common methods of communication among vocally and audibly impaired people. But when it comes to communication between normal and deaf-mute people, this form of communication doesn’t help. So far, a whole lot of systems have been developed that interpret sign language. But they often fail to make it...
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Speech To Sign Language

Abstract— Sign language is a visual language that is used by people with hearing difficulties as their natural language of communication. Unlike acoustically conveyed sound patterns that most people use, sign language uses body language and manual communication to fluidly convey the thoughts of a person. It is achieved by simultaneously combining hand shapes, orientation...
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