Essays on Silk Road

Capitalism: Silk And Cotton

From the silk roads to the tremendous development of cotton during the industrial revolution, both commodities silk and cotton reveal the evolution of capitalism over time as they were both utilised as form to facilitate and trade between nations and promoted mass production by transferring them into commercial commodities. The evolution of silk and changes...
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The Importance Of The Silk Road In The Middle Ages

What we know today as The Silk Road, is said to be first travelled as such, by Marco Polo in the 12th century, but many of the routs within the silk road were used much before. Since the ancient times merchants used them, and the rout in use shifted depending on the political context of...
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The Role Of Central Asia In Prehistoric Appearance Of The Silk Road

The author of this study has explored how Central Asia played a major role in the prehistoric appearance of the Silk Road and its dispersal of foods through processes similar to modern globalization. The central question being explored asks how humanity has manipulated ecosystems so drastically that it has changed the way resources are distributed...
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The Silk Road: Silk And The Role It Played In Ancient China

Introduction One of Chinas most famous creations is silk, which was invented in the late stone age time (8000BC-2500BC). Silk played a huge role in ancient china as one of the most expensive pieces of clothing that everyone wanted because it represented wealth especially the brighter colours. Silk came from silkworms which are little caterpillars...
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The Silk Road: As The Most Impactful Trade Route

A man named Ron Pompei once said, “I wouldn’t call it a retail store. It’s a place where culture and commerce intersect. It’s more like the Silk Road-a sense of exploration mixed with the exchange of things and ideas.” He noted that the Silk Road was a place where there was a lot of cultural...
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