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Green Building: Singapore As The Greenest City In Asia

Singapore is a small and dense urbanized island nation and yet according to the Green City Index, it is the greenest city in Asia. In the 1980s about 36% of the nation was labelled ‘green’ which includes its flourishing environments, renewable energy and future sustainability. Today, that number stands at 47%. Singapore lacks natural resources...

Singapore Airlines: Safety Program And Companies Feedback

Executive Summary The determination of this report is to critically examine the Singapore Airline Company. Throughout the ten years. Aviation industry becomes larger on a rapid pace because of development, As a result, SIA (Singapore Airlines) took benefit of this increasing aim to increase its revenue and profit even if the rivalry was becoming profound...
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Reversing Declining Population in Singapore

Introduction: Beginning in the 20th and continuing into the 21st century, many of the world’s nations have displayed diverse changes in age structures and demographic compositions. Many of these changes were initiated by influxes in fertility, such as baby booms, and others by rapid declines in mortality. For the Singaporean demographic, there has been a...
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Success Story Of Globalization In Singapore

This small island, which has moved from a forgotten island to an independent state, has absorbed the times and has become, in record time, one of the wealthiest nations in Asia and the world too … This is a beautiful Singapore whose economic career has become one of the most famous success stories of modern...
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Singapore: Climate, Weather And Rainfall

Singapore – Weather Singapore is a Southeast Asian island country located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula between Malaysia and Indonesia and separated from the mainland by the Johor Strait. Owing to its proximity to the equator, Singapore is blessed with a tropical climate around the year. Since it is located closely to...
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Singapore Startup Ecosystem: Personal Recommendations

Singapore’s Startup Ecosystem According to Compass’s Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking 2017 Report, Singapore’s startup ecosystem is ranked as the 12th best in the world. Singapore is also the most innovative Asian country based on the Global Innovation Index, ranked 5th globally in 2018. On an average, more than 50,000 new businesses are formed in Singapore...
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