Essays on Small Business

What Factors Affect Small Business Loans

Business loans are crucial to the growth of a company, albeit little to a certain degree. Most of the time, secured and unsecured loans are being offered by lending companies to entrepreneurs seeking expansion and improvement of business empires. With that being said, submitting various applications for small business loans do not take much of...
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Hr Management In Small Business

Small business management is very crucial since it allows entrepreneurs or business owners to have a focus in their business. Unlike big businesses where there are the separate team for managing each function, small business owners will have to ensure that all functions of the organization are executed without any hassle. They have achievable goals...
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Entrepreneurship And Small Business Management

“Ventures” – LO 1 New interests is spun around giving counseling relationship to before logbook and mid-encourage affiliations. We other than work with harried relationship in refocusing the system of movement and in addition finding an exit. Inventive Undertakings’ part changes relying upon the period of the affiliation. All-around view of a dynamic reproving weight...
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The Intersection Of Resilience And Entrepreneurship

The textbook definition of community resilience is the ability of a community to absorb desolate impacts and return back to normality despite encountering many problems. (Bruneau, et al., 2003) Resilience is evoked increasingly in entrepreneurial individuals and organisations (Ayala & Manzano, 2014). It is often argued that Entrepreneurialism contributes to the resilience of communities, regions...
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Entrepreneurship Development: Report On Theories Of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Development Аbstrаct The theory of entrepreneurship, аlso known аs the entrepreneuriаl vаlue creаtion theory, gives us detаils аbout the entire entrepreneuriаl experience, from the discovery of аn entrepreneuriаl opportunity аnd the entrepreneuriаl intention, to the development of the entrepreneuriаl cаpаbilities, аnd the reаlisаtion of the entrepreneuriаl rewаrd. The theory of entrepreneurship describes the entire...
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Entrepreneurial Opportunities In Malaysia

1. Introduction and Entrepreneurship The concept of entrepreneur and entrepreneurship is known to have existed over centuries. Despite being a well-known concept for all these years, economists have disregarded entrepreneurs from their existing formal models (Hayes, 2019). This was because they believed that the ideal entrepreneurship would be known to rational thinkers. Their belief aimed...
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Value-based Learning for an Entrepreneur: a Gandhian Perspective of Self-reliance

Gandhian qualities of management style are to interpret and adopt the philosophy of love satya (truth) and ahimsa (nonviolence) in the domains of business and corporate dealings for entrepreneurs globally. Every one speaks about ethical management and moral codes of conduct but few practice it. Everyone teaches, gives examples and propagates Gandhian principles but few...
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