Essays on Smallpox

Case Study: Smallpox

In this case study published in Milestones in Public Health, addresses the journey to the eradication of smallpox. It begins by explaining the origin of the illness, where measles was dated back as far as 1157 BC in Egypt then continues to explain the spread from Egypt to Asia, Europe, and eventually Latin America by...
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Smallpox: Intro, Genome, Structure, And Lifecycle

Smallpox has affected humans for centuries causing scars, blindness, and even death. Although it is not exactly known when the first case of smallpox appeared, it is believed that smallpox has been around since the Egyptian empire. This conclusion was made upon investigating three mummies that had markings on their body similar to the scars...
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Smallpox And Importance Of Inoculation

Smallpox was one of the many diseases challenging medical personnel during the Civil War. Unlike most other diseases, the surgeons of the time had an effective way to prevent smallpox using vaccination to control outbreaks through the isolation of its victims. There was a global spread of smallpox during the 1770s. The virus was airborne...
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