Essays on Smoking

Dangers Of Smoking And Smoking Cessation Treatments

There is a new line of therapy that has been introduced at my trust as part of the smoking cessation program. Smoking cessation is the treatment used to assist patients to quit smoking and is one of the most cost-effective options in chronic disease management [Royal College of Nursing, 2020]. Smoking is one of the...
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Reducing Of Smokers In Wales

A national plan to reduce the number of smokers in Wales to 16% by 2020 for a safer, smoke-free country was launched today by the Welsh Government (19 September). Tobacco contributes most to the overall disease burden in Wales, causing about 5,450 deaths each year and costing the GSP an additional £ 302 m per...
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Reasons Why It Is Impossible To Make Smoking Illegal

In the late 1400s, Europeans were the first to cultivate and discover tobacco. Since then the substance has become widespread across the globe, from first becoming an economic standard, to becoming a fully developed tobacco industry in the 1700s (Cancer Council, N/D). Previously tobacco was chewed on, but today tobacco is smoked by inhaling and...
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The Reasons That Make You A Smoker

We all know smoking is not good for us and it’s a bad habit. More of an addiction that’s hard to get rid of, definitely not something you can get rid of overnight. You can only quit smoking when you yourself decide to quit it, however, if you quit because someone is pressuring you too...
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Smoking: Reasons, Impact On Health And Ways Of Cessation

Smoking is one of the most dangerous and negative phenomena that have spread in our communities, where there is no society without smokers among its members. It even entered almost every house. Scientists and researchers made great efforts to deal with it, and they wrote articles and researches, to reduce this scourge and indicate its...
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Smoking And Cancer

Smoking is a habit that has developed all around the world. The common reasons being stress, as a source of comfort and even for social reasons. It is a negative lifestyle that is generally known to cause serious harm to one’s health, more specifically its link to various types of cancers. The International Agency for...
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Smoking Impact On Youth Population

Smoking is related to a few markets failures. Such as negative externalities and defect data of the market participants. The wellbeing outcomes of smoking outcome in immense medicinal services cost incompletely paid from open funds. In expansion, the expense of restorative treatment for smokers inflates health care coverage premiums for everybody paying little heed to...
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Smoking As The Worst Habit That Has No Benefits

Smoking is a process in which a substance is burned, and most commonly used substance is tobacco. After burning, it is tasted and inhaled, some people resort to smoking as a self-help practice, sometimes practiced in some religious rituals to enlighten Spiritual, and most prominent means of smoking common now cigarettes, whether industrial or hand-wrapping,...
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Addiction And Rehabilitation In Malaysia

A general way to define addiction is the need of an individual to engage in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences that on a long run can have a damaging effect on the general well-being. Addiction, as we know it today, comes in many forms, some being less harmful than others. In many countries, people that...

Smoking Amongst Youths In Fiji

The use of tobacco has been noted as one of the major causes of various disabilities and premature deaths worldwide. It is also the fourth most common risk factor for the increase of NCDs worldwide (Kumar, 2017). Over the past years, Fiji has noted the prevalence of smoking amongst the young adults. In this writing,...
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