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Arctic As A Broken Part Of The Earth’s Refrigeration System: Opinion Essay

Introduction In this short essay, I will briefly describe why I believe the Arctic is indeed a broken part of the Earth’s refrigeration system, discussing the main components of how it cools the Earth and how processes involving these components may be changing to reduce their effectiveness and influence on the Earth’s climate. Components: Arctic...
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Winter Natural Disasters: Blizzards And Snowstorms

You wake up on a Sunday morning to winds lashing at your bedroom walls and snow pounding on the roof like blocks of salt from the ash-gray sky. You wrap yourself in a blanket and join your huddled family in the living room. The newsman on TV states, “…Northeast unexpectedly hit with severe blizzard and...
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Evaluating The Dynamic Movements Of The Snowboarding Turn

Recruitment: Age: 27 Years Old Weight: 5’ 10’’ Height: 210 lb. Previous Injuries: No major previous injuries Filming Method: Recorded one turn action with two galaxy s8’s from the top and side view. I filmed with my phone as the top view while my brother filmed the side view with his phone as the rider...
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Severe Winter Weather: Chicago Style

“Severe winters are characterized by either extremely cold periods one to two months in duration, or by severe ice storms or heavy snowfalls occurring repeatedly over a period of six to twelve weeks,” (Rauner). This is relevant for this report because the focus is the tremendous amounts of snow accumulated within Cook County’s own, Chicago,...
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My Travelling To Lapland (Finland): Personal Experience

On the 9th of December I travelled to Lapland (Finland) I went with my family. A couple of weeks before I went to Lapland all over the newspapers was that there was no snow and it normally starts snowing in late October so I was felling a bit worried but when I got there I...
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