Social Class As A Type Of Social Stratification

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Social class is a somewhat huge body of people who share a related or a situation in a specific culture. In the idea of social class, various social groups exist together, for example, the people that have the most salary, authority, riches, influence, occupation, race, and ethnicity. So as to completely comprehend the idea of social class one must comprehend the idea of social satisfaction. Social satisfaction is a framework by which a specific culture positions people into various classes in a specific chain of importance. As people there are qualities that we hold extremely dear, for instance, opportunity, equality. These are the qualities our country depends on, however, are these values really held up in our advanced society. though despite the fact that our country prides itself on its equality and opportunity, actually we don’t hold up these qualities and are faced with the question of why. Numerous individuals see themselves as a part of a country of chance for all, no matter of race, sexual orientation, or nationality, yet do we ever decide to address whether this is in reality true. So it begs the question, why is social satisfaction so important? In this essay, it will discuss opportunities as it relates to social satisfaction, factors like wealth, income, education, sexual orientation and how it has played a big role in social satisfaction like having European standards of beauty, and Nationality or race.

To begin, opportunities, as it relates to social satisfaction, is a very important thing, when people have certain opportunities it makes them look more powerful and more important than others. An example, of a person having more opportunities, is education is one major bit opening to numerous opportunities all through life, and the vast majority underneath most social class structures don’t have this favorable position. This as well can make an expanding influence on people’s lives, for example, joblessness, physical/sexual abuse. The rest of society wouldn’t like to hear how people are struggling because it’s not talked about often. Occupation additionally plays a major factor in why social satisfaction is so significant, Occupation regularly relates to what a person does for a living and how much a person makes, which makes decisions in an individual’s social class. Also, occupations with lots of importance can build one’s social class and there are many reasons why it would be important in the social class world but, for example, salary. One occupation is an essential pointer of social class, alongside riches, and skill. Occupation is firmly connected to people’s characters and is a remarkable marker of status. The significance of occupation to some degree results from the considerable measure of time that a person dedicates to their professions.

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When it comes to social satisfaction it helps to have the “European standards of beauty”, the standenders of beauty that were made years ago that lighter skin color ie white was more expectable in social classes. To explain further, beauty in which people judge or measure someone as ‘beautiful’ is altogether made up. Beauty is socially developed, and it normally goes this way: Have a nice face. Be skinny yet not very thin, but because social classes have so much influence on social colter people conform to these beauty standards, and when others find a new way to be beautiful that doesn’t meet the standards of beauty they will most likely get a lot of hate for it and most likely they will have a hard time in life, for example, transgenders. Social satisfaction puts a lot of pressure on people. Sadly, the impacts of trying to fit in and try to please everyone are not all that positive, not interestingly, it causes imbalance, But modern culture and social media are changing a lot of how people and social satisfaction is provided, but that was not always the case for people that wanted freedom in their sexually and wanted to express themselves. For many years people have seen the LGBTQ community as a very bad thing because for so long people were told only men and women can be together and it was aginst everything social satisfaction stood for and so if anyone were to say they were openly gay or lesbian etc… they would soon see consequences and even though it’s more expected in the present time there are still many people dealing with discrimination because of there sexual identity.

Throughout the years and the very reason social satisfaction started was because of race and people have worked hard to make people change their perspective. As seen in history racial minorities have considerably less income than their white partners or peers. Training is a key zone of social satisfaction. In the past and even in the present time black people are less likely to get a secondary school confirmation than their white partners. Furthermore, black people are substantially less liable to acquire professional education. “The latest U.S. registration found that just about 22% of black people have a four-year college education contrasted with 32% of white people. About 12.1% of white people have propelled degree, for example, a Masters, while just about 8.2% of black people do” (E Cummins, N/A, pr 4). Racial minorities have considerably less access to numerous significant assets in our general public. Also for many years certain races weren’t considered or seen as beautiful because of the color of their skin. For example, dark skin women weren’t seen as attractive as or as wanted because for so many years lighter skin tone has been put on a pedestal and was known as the “best” which also played a big role in social satisfaction but now through social media and modeling darker skin women are getting the appreciation they deserve.

In conclusion, through history, people have seen different types of social stratification whether it might be a social class, station, sex or even race. Social stratification places people of various different backgrounds in a place upon their societal position. This decides their social situation in the public eye. With social stratification comes social portability. These two terms are generally discovered together when depicting social stratification. Furthermore, the qualities our country depends on are coming into question in matters of social satisfaction. The main topics in this essay were Opportunities as it differentiates with social satisfaction, sexual orientation, and how it has played a big role in social satisfaction and Nationality or race. This topic is a very important one to keep talking about because even though social satisfaction is becoming more accepting of various and different types of people there are still many things wrong with and as people move towards the future they should still ask themselves how can we make social satisfaction not something that causes people pressure in there lives.  


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