Essays on Social Learning Theory

Social Learning Theory Applied To Sexual Abuse And Child Pornography Participation

Introduction A core criminological paradigm is the theory of social learning, this theory suggests that humans can acquire behavioural characteristics by observing and imitating others. Social learning can increase the probability that an individual will engage in a criminal act or deviant behaviour, if their social groups are favourable towards breaking rules or the law....
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Explaining Social Learning Theory Based On My Personal Experience

For decades, law enforcement agencies have been studying the criminological theories, which have been designed to fight crimes. However, the approaches are based on different perspectives, such as why some people commit crimes. Out of a wide range of criminological theories, this paper will focus on the social learning approach. According to this theory, people...
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Social Learning Theory: Possibility Of Application Within A Whole Personal Life

Social learning theory usually divides into three stages: retention, reproduction and motivation. Retention refers to the ability of the individual converted the observed behaviour of the model into a representative image to keep in memory. Reproduction refers to the individual’s observation of the performance of the model and expressed in their own actions. Motivation means...
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