Social Media Dangers: Use Of D.A.R.E. Program In School

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Social Media Dangers

Do you know that social media may be very harmful for you and others around you? The D.A.R.E program in my school allows student to learn about common human mistakes from the experienced expert Corporal Gonzalez. She showed us pictures, told stories and even let us experience the same feelings as the person in the following situation. For example, she let us wear goggles that simulate the drunk person but in the safe way for us. I think that the D.A.R.E program is very necessary for young students. Personally, I had learned so many important things from this program and I plan to use this information. So, I learned about dangers of social media and I really want to share this knowledge. Social media is dangerous for your personal security, it is a waste of time and also it is a platform for bullying.

To make you understand the problem better I will give you some short examples. There is a popular blogger who had to change her address after someone was stalking her around her house and even sent her threatening letters. Her popularity on social media had put her into dangerous situation. There are also some stories about very harsh bullying in social media, for example posting threatening posts or messages and even directly humiliating by posting some unpleasant pictures of the person who is getting bullied. Also, when young people spend a lot of time on their social media, they miss out on some important life events or even just common socializing events, such as dinner with family. I would say this is very unfortunate to even think about it.

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Social media dangers are important to address. Since young adults do not have their own personal experience in life, they must learn on other people’s mistakes. To improve the situation there is a strategy that I had learned from the D.A.R.E program which is called Resistance Strategy. This particular strategy can help young adults to learn how to avoid certain dangerous situations online. Also, it teaches how to use social media in a good way, for example to communicate with friends abroad, instead of bullying others with unpleasant pictures. There are also some internet applications that block certain dangerous websites and even protect your personal information.

My future life had been totally affected by this topic. Now I know that social media can go against people’s interests. I will try to avoid posting my personal information online and I will definitely never bully anyone anywhere. I know that I may use help from others to identify the problem on social media and help me to solve it, if there is any.

I hope now you agree that social media has some dangers for the young people. It can be dangerous to personal security, it is definitely a waste of time and in addition, it is platform for bullying others. It is important to remember how to ask for help if you face any dangerous situation online. For that you may use Resistance Strategy that will help you to avoid or escape particular situation. I would advise you to be careful while using social media!


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