Social Media Influence On Brands Consciousness: Opinion Essay

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Brand Consciousness

Brand consciousness in our society is proliferating rapidly. “Are you brand conscious ?” If you ask about me, so, of course, I am not. Being brand conscious has become a trend now. It would not be wrong to say that a large number of people in society are following this immorality. People are becoming obsessed with it to an extent and most of them are young boys and girls. Social media has played a vital role in reinforcing brand consciousness.

Why are people so crazy about brands?

21st-century youth is intensively conscious about their chic look, which they know brands can provide them well. The people who belong to working-class feel comfortable and professional in using brands. As they think, brands give them confidence, comfort and make them presentable before the world they have to deal with in their everyday life. There’s no doubt in saying that using brands whether in a form of attires, footwear, bags or any other men’s and women’s accessories really shape up and enhance one’s personality according to the fashion trend. Another reason for brand consciousness has also been observed that when the young generation uses expensive and branded items, a class who cannot afford all that, also wish to use them.

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Social Media Influence on Brands Consciousness

We live in a society where the majority of people are deprived of basic needs of life. Still, they are becoming aware of the latest fashions and trends. Social media is playing a crucial role in bringing brands awareness in people’s lives. The imperative promotions of brands through social media are making people more mindful and familiar. People got to impress by their favourite celebrities using and promoting top brands as style icons. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the way brands popularize their accessories, clothing etc before the world is eminently stimulant. Also, it evokes a sense of brand consciousness among them. People visualize themselves using those brands and that feeling makes them so ecstatic about it.

People are crazy followers of brands.

A Paradigm Shift in People’s Behaviors

We can witness a drastic change in societal behaviour while using and bragging about brands. It’s a paradigm shift that in past women used to buy just a few dresses yearly because they couldn’t afford to go beyond their budgets. But now they have become much obsessed about brands. Especially, women love to spend hours discussing the branded clothes and accessories they bought. Nowadays people weigh each other’s worth on the basis of brands they are using, which is a pitiful aspect of them. People are rapidly turning into a group where they feel shame if their lifestyle isn’t up-to-date. They consider themselves answerable to others about which brands they are using. Similarly, by the thought of what other people will say, people tend to buy highly expensive branded bridal dresses on their weddings, just to content their false pride, whether they are able to afford those or not.

Sense of Superiority

People think that brands make their personality some of different and superior to others who are not much conscious about using brands. Fashion is ruling in our society and people are crazily becoming brands followers. But the dilemma of our society is people are becoming disrespectful to the ones who aren’t able to use and afford brands. This sense of superiority makes them privileged enough to have a luxurious lifestyle.

A man is demeaning others about not using brands.

Boastful Mentality

Nowadays when you praise someone about their dress or shoes, “Wow, nice design”, the answer from another side would be, “thank you, it is from Maria B’s latest collection“. It’s a very common example of our everyday life. Whenever we admire someone, “Your handbag looks fabulous”, the response will be boastful by saying, “Oh thanks, it is by Insignia“, ”O really! I also prefer the same brand”. In the light of all those responses, I always think that do people buy an expensive and branded item just to boast off to others. Do they mean to put up all their crazy branded stuff on social media just to brag before others? It seems by bragging about brands, they only show their pity mentality and false pride.

My Opinion

If I talk about myself, I can happily use anything which isn’t branded at all. I won’t be hesitant in wearing the sunglasses even bought from a roadside stall. My comfort is most important for me than using a brand which is completely against my taste, comfort and personality, but the use of that is just to tell others that I am wearing Versace. It doesn’t mean that I am against any brand or the ones who use brands. I try to keep myself sidelined from the brand competitors who just make their life troublesome in this race. Even I can’t help myself but just laugh when I observe this mentality of people who use brands just to tell others the price of that particular item.


Non-branded things can be good, comfy and stylish if you know the sense to use them accordingly. The non-users of brands should not be dispirited. It’s a debate on which I never tried to convince others. Let’s people enjoy in their comfort zone of brand consciousness. The purpose to address this issue is to discourage the poor mentality of people which casts down the ones who avoid the paradigm of brand consciousness. I just want to convey a short and sweet message that do not be disrespectful or demeaning to those who are not using any brands and prefer to live in their own style of ease.


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