Social Media's Impact On Students' Writing

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Now a day’s social media is a big part of many students lives, especially for college students and high school seniors. Though, social media is not impacting students writing for the better but actually for the worse. Social media makes it harder for students to focus and they get anxious way faster, it could affect their grades, and even their future employers may not accept them for the job if their writing skills are atrocious.

For starters, many students lose focus very fast. This happens because they are not thinking about what the teacher is presenting but more about what may be happing on social media. Social media also could make students more anxious if they do not have their phones on them or if they can not check social media for a long period of time they will get anxious, I even find myself doing this sometimes. It is not okay for that to happen to students because when that happens, they are not paying attention to the teacher so they will not understand what is going on or how to write. Some students may even get so distracted they will not even know what the topic of the essay they are supposed to write is.

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Following that, if you do not learn how to write how are you going to apply for a job? Social media has its own form of text which would be considered informal so to go from informal writing to formal writing to write a resume is not that easy. If you hand in a cover sheet and you have horrible spelling and grammar the employer is just going to look right over your resume. No one is going to hire someone who cannot do basic formal writing things because all that would do is hold the company back. Also, many employers check social media before hiring you, so you want to make sure you look like you know how to spell.

Finally, Social media could affect students writing so bad that they fail a class. If a student is taking a class but struggles to write formally then they will most likely fail. Students think Social media is beneficial to them though it may be for some things like keeping them busy when they’re bored it is definitely not beneficial for their writing. About 76% of students fail essays for mistakes that could have been avoided if they were to stay away from social media and their informal writing ways.

“Our current generation of college, and high school seniors write more than any generation before them on a daily basis, but their writing skills are weaker” Newton once said. Therefore, social media does impact students writing and not always for the better. It could affect a students focus and make them more anxious, it could impact their future employers’ decision to hire them, and it could affect their grades.


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