Essays on Social Psychology

Psychology: Social Bases Of Behaviour

According to one evolutionary model, the Sexual Strategies Theory (Buss & Schmitt, 1993), sex-specific differences in parental investment cause these sex-specific mate selection preferences. Among humans, women invest more in their offspring than men. Therefore, women prefer committed, long-lasting relationships and seek partners who are able and willing to invest in them and their potential...
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History Of Social Psychology

Myers (2014) defines Social Psychology as a scientific study of how people think about, relate to, and influence one another. Social Psychology therefore, tries to understand how thoughts, environment and behaviors can shape an individual’s characters. Social Psychology began with theoretical contributions of early scholars in 18th Century. Amongst them are; David Hume, Adam smith,...
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Introduction To Social Psychology

As humans, there are things we do when we are alone or in private that we can never do in public or where anyone else would see us. This is because the presence of other people matters in how we live our life. It is a common thing for you to know that other people...
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