Essays on Socrates

Socrates: Was He Right To Stay In Jail

Was Socrates really doing the right thing in staying in jail? Each one of us has been accused of an act at some point in our lives. Yet those accusations have been terribly mistaken and sometimes there is so little that a person can do to fix that. In this case we are talking about...
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Socrates: The Way Of Life

The year of birth of Socrates stated is an assumed date, or estimate, given the fact of the dating of anything in ancient history in part being sometimes reliant on argument stemming from the inexact period floruit of individuals. Diogenes Laërtius stated Socrates’ birth date was ‘the sixth day of Thargelion, the day when the...
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Socrates: The Meaning Of Good Life

What does it mean for one to live a good life? Today we the Athenian citizens are gathered here in the agora to remember the life of our admirable teacher and dear friend Socrates who without his insight we would not all be here together. Socrates understood that a meaningful life is not necessarily one...
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