Essays on Soul

Immortality Of The Soul In Philosophic Theories

Whatever ought to exist must begin, and eventually, come to an end. We know this “end” as a death; by definition, the end of the life of a person or organism. This concept introduces a range of questions such as, what happens when one passes or, if all must die, why live? Philosophers across history...
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Emphasis Of Nature In Shaping Rousseau’s Soul

Write an essay explaining what you think about the following statement: “Rousseau in ‘Fifth Walk’ describes using nature to help create his own type of happiness, and yet, importantly, he knows that nature cannot be used like something merely convenient, like a set of tools; nature is much more than this to create happiness for...
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Descartes Opinion Concerning Soul

Descartes was recommended by M. Pollot to Elisabeth assuring her of his goodwill toward everyone and in particularly her. So Elisabeth writes to Descartes in a letter petitioning him to answer something she cannot understand, she asks how the soul of man can determine the spirits of the body to produce voluntary actions. She wants...
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