Essays on Sound

Sound Measurements And Observations

Introduction: In three notably different acoustic places, this report will showcase and discuss some sound level measurements and the observations that revolve around the experiment. The measurements that will be broken down in this elaborative report have recently been performed concretely utilising an instrument that determines the sound levels, particularly in decibels (dB), which is...
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Charles Yeager And The Sound Barrier

On October 14th, 1947, in the sky, 45,000 feet in the air over the Rogers Dry Lake in the Mojave desert, something remarkable happened that proved many people wrong. For many years, people thought that people weren’t meant to fly any faster than the speed of sound, because they thought that the transonic drag rise...
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Properties Of Sound: How We Produce, Interpret And Hear Sounds

Properties of Sound The following will go over concepts of sound. This includes how sound moves while affected by states of matter and the temperature of the environment, interpreting sounds in the form of a sound wave on a pressure wave over time graph, and how we are able to process sounds. How Sound Moves...
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