Source Evaluation On Criminal Dissuasion: A Literature Review

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Through my thesis study, I would prove that capital punishment winds up wasting taxpayers’ resources and will not discourage murder offenses. My thesis focus was motivated by the conventionally accepted argument for capital punishment as a deterrent to murder offenses. When I looked for references, I came across an essay called Illegal dissuasion: a study of the literature. The thesis analysis was published in 2017 by Aaron Chalfin and Justin McCrary. I have received an article on Google Scholar. Chalfin is a professor at Pennsylvania University. He has a great deal of experience and expertise in criminology studies. McCrary is from the University of California and has a strong research interest in law and economics.

After a quick review of the study paper and its contents, I considered the report to be plausible and reliable. Second, it is peer-reviewed. Third, the article provides evidence rather than views. The essay is published by writers who are experts in the area of criminology. In addition, the article explored more than 200 existing pieces of literature on the issue of the death penalty and deterrence. Sources are genuine and accurate to make the report credible. The details in these documents are well connected to the development of a coherent document. More than a hundred other articles have been cited in this article. The article is thus accurate and appropriate to be included in my study thesis.

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I consider this article helpful when it comes to my work. The goal of the essay is to evaluate economics literature on the effect of capital punishment on the incidence of crime, with a special focus on papers from the last 20 years. The multiple sources assessed in the article help to arrive at a final decision. It is evident from the study and findings that capital punishment does not raise the incidence of crime. In addition, the study provides the Theory of Dissuasion quite well. The Principle of Dissuasion is the scientific basis for my study. It is evident that the details found in the report should be of vital significance in helping me illustrate to myself that capital punishment is expensive to the public and that it will not have a dissuasion impact on the cases of murder.

In conclusion, the article evaluated is titled Criminal dissuasion: a literature review by Aaron Chalfin and Justin McCrary. The writers of this paper are seasoned scholars in the field of criminology. The paper deals with the issue of the death penalty and the deterrence of crimes. This is the issue that I am looking for in my research project. The article is peer-reviewed and researched in more than 200 papers on the subject of punishment and deterrence. Furthermore, the article has been cited in more than 100 articles. The article provides facts and not opinions. It also links the observations from the research sources with the Theory of Deterrence so well for it to come up with a valid conclusion. The article concludes that capital punishment does not have any link with the deterrence of crimes. The article is therefore credible and valid and will be very helpful in my current research. 


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