Essays on Special Education

Special Education: Decision To Become A Teacher

I have been interested in becoming a teacher. I just didn’t know what kind of teacher i wanted to come to. Then I thought about what I did in the past and i use to help in classrooms with teachers who taught in special education. I really enjoy doing that and the kids also really...
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Classroom Management In Special Education

In the context of learning institutions, students with special needs are typically defined as those with requirements orienting from learning difficulties, physical and emotional disabilities as well as behavioral challenges. Based on my interaction with the kids with special needs and the consultation of the underlying literature pieces, it is evident that most of the...
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Over-identification In Special Education

Special Education has been a shifting department for the past decade. There have been new laws in place, a changing DSM5, and new findings regarding disabilities. With many different changes that are constantly happening, there is an uncertain amount of identifications within special education. In this paper we are going to discuss the issue of...
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