Essays on Spirituality

Application Of Spirituality In Marketing

The term spirituality here refers to the new age spirituality without referring to any religious contexts. The concept and significance of spirituality cannot be ignored in marketing of products while it is also discussed in management and other disciplines. Spiritual marketing is a concept of articulation and conveying the authentic beliefs around a service, product...
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Intersection Of Technology And Spirituality

Cyberspace And Spirituality Issues of spirituality and faith are rarely mentioned within the globalisation context. Spirituality and faith have an effect on globalisation development and area unit, in turn, is considerably influenced by globalisation. This article explores the interaction between spirituality and faith, and also the forces of economic science, technology up to date. Economic...

Spirituality In Nursing: Case Study Report

‘Spirituality can be defined as anything or anyone who in one’s life gives ultimate meaning and purpose, inviting particular ways of being in the world in relation to others, oneself and the universe’ (Canadian Nurses Association, 2010). Themes linked to the understanding of spirituality include, among others, significance, intention, hope, faith, existentiality, transcendence, sense of...
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Incorporation Of Spirituality Into Work Of Occupational Therapy Practitioners

Spirituality, commonly defined as the ‘essence’ of a person’s humanity and worldview is a highly complex, albeit a fundamental domain of occupational therapy theory and practice (Hemphill, 2015; Weathers, McCarthy and Coffey, 2015; McSherry and Ross, 2014). Literature however, commonly highlights contention and a lack of consensus regarding how the concept should be explicitly defined...
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The Importance Of Spirituality In Teachers

It is said that ‘the most crucial component of any programme of spiritual or religious development is the teacher’ (Watson and Thompson, 2007). Considering this quote, teachers play a pivotal role in ensuring their students develop spiritually. While it is important to acknowledge that teachers are responsible for nourishing and fostering student’s spirituality. It must...
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