Essays on Standardized Testing

Why Standardized Tests Are Unfair

Every individual that has attended high school or undergone the college process can recall taking grueling, tiresome standardized tests, such as the ACT and SAT. It is no secret that if you want to get into a reputable university, it is essential that you take either one of these standardized tests. However, they have fueled...
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Standardized Tests: Definition And Functions

Standardized tests are exams that are set up by the government to evaluate students and their progress while they are in the school system. Tests like these are meant to fairly evaluate all students and provide a level of understanding that all students are expected to have achieved. Standardized tests are typically used because they...
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Standardized Testing Is Inaccurate

Everyday we go to school, learn about something, take tests, then get graded and given a number. And that number carries along with you throughout your whole life. A number that describes your test scores. A number that emphasizes your SAT scores. A number that determines your college. A number that depicts your whole future?...
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