Essays on Star Wars

Star Wars And Dharma Traditions: Opinion Essay

The Star Wars movies, television shows, books, and cartoons are loved throughout the world as Star Wars is the second most successful movie franchise of all time right behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although they have been some tough spots lately with the prequels receiving backlash as well as the new trilogy receiving backlash a...
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Star Wars: A Powerful Impact On Society

The first original Star Wars movie was a low budget science-fiction film that went on became a blockbuster hit, and the box office sales went through the roof. The movie has been extremely popular amongst many cultures, ages and genders over many decades. Star Wars wasn’t just popular for the action on screen, it also...

Star Wars: History Of Creation

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away”. These words, following the 20th Century Fox fanfare, were first introduced to audiences in 1977, and would become ingrained in our popular culture. Star Wars, an epic space opera by George Lucas, had been released to audiences that summer, and what followed was unprecedented in...
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Star Wars, A Political Reflection On Society: Movie Review

Abstract Some believe that art imitates life while others may believe that life imitates art. In the world of movies, it’s mostly art imitating life. I am drawing similarities between the masterpiece Star Wars and the world history, Undoubtedly the movie had characters like Jedi, Sith lords, E-woks, droids, etc but the characters were evolved...
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