Essays on Stem Cell

Stem Cells: Transplantation, Implications And Justification

Stem cells have been an essential part of the human body due to their remarkable ability to develop into various types of cells during the life and growth of both humans and animals. These cells have the aptitude to serve as an internal repair system to the tissues within our body by dividing throughout the...
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Advantages, Disadvantages And Risks Of Stem Cell Research

Introduction The progress of science is notoriously capricious; one can never be certain when it will advance, or what the advancement maybe, but change often comes in drastic leaps, skipping many steps along the way. One such change occurred quite recently in the field of medicine when a cell was discovered with the potential to...
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Stem Cell: Definitions, Treatment And Evidence

Introduction Definition of stem cells Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that can be found in the human anatomy and are capable to differentiate into many various forms of different cells which serve various functions in different sections of the human anatomy. It is not necessary that the stem cell must be differentiated into another cell...
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Connection Between Abortions And Stem Cell Research

1. Introduction In the last few years to reduce abortions serious efforts are being made by preparing new legislation by the government and which made abortion to be extended or included in “Personhood” legislation, which means Human life starts with fertilization of embryo. On a national level, there are different proposals advanced in different states,...
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Stem Cell Treatment Of Cardiac Diseases

Abstract Cardiovascular diseases cause worldwide death in mainly middle-income and low-income countries. There is a natural ability of different organisms in which the heart muscle shows natural regeneration in many ways. But in severe condition, the natural mechanism cannot able to regenerate the heart muscles (cardiomyocytes) so in severe conditions, the accurate therapy of these...
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Stem Cell Research: Importance And Necessity

Stewart Sell, a senior scientist at Ordway Cancer Research Institute, said, “In the beginning, there is the stem cell; it is the origin of an organism’s life. It is a single cell that can give rise to progeny that differentiates into any of the specialized cells of embryonic or adult tissues.” This is how all...
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Stem Cell Research: Benefits, Ethical And Moral Issues

Stem Cell Research. What Is It? They are unspecialized cells that are able to divide and produce duplicates of themselves and have the capability to modify, in order to produce a variety of cell types on our body. We will find these cells in the embryo, cord blood, the fetus or in the adult cells....
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