Essays on Stonehenge

Analysis Of Stonehenge Geometry

Through an exploration of geometric systems and proportions in architecture, knowledge on the influence of quadvarium systems to have shaped the historic spatiality of buildings is illuminated. Specifically, acknowledgement of systematic belief for all geometries to be inherently associated and/or derived from the structure of a square or circle has contrived a distinct relationship to...
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Stonehenge: Events Of Period When It Was Constructed

One of the most iconic things about the 25th century BC, was Stonehenge. While archeologists believe the construction started anywhere from 3500 to 3100 BC, they believe the construction of the structure was mostly complete around 2500 BC. The exact purpose of Stonehenge is still unknown today, but suggests several theories such as an ancient...
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Analysis Of The Stonehenge Nature

Stonehenge is the most famous monolith, built in Britain 5000 years ago by the native druids. Supposedly, it originally looked something like a tiny Roman colosseum with a large ring around it. Portal tombs are burials that have to large upright stones and one horizontal stone over them. Passage tombs are tombs with narrow passages...
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