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Storm: Impact Of Climate Change

Climate change is one of the inevitable issues facing globally today. A large population of those people who live in slums and shantytowns where they are most likely to put in danger and have the least of a chance to acclimatize to climate change. Because of that, many people are being affected and even animals...
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Depiction Of Storm In Paintings

A gifted and imaginative child, Joseph Mallord William turner was the most original artist in the history of English landscape painting, Turner was fascinated by the effects of light. Turner had travelled widely and produced a vast amount of work, his style changed considerably over the years, ranging from accurate, topographical watercolours in his early...
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Storm: General Overview Of A Hurricane

A hurricane is a storm with violent wind and often originated from tropical storms. Canada and the United States are countries that are often subject to destructive hurricanes, mostly in Category 5. This assignment mainly focuses on the hurricanes that occurred in North America. To begin, forty percent of total hurricanes occurred in the U.S....
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Permeable Surfaces and Storm Water Management in Urban Areas

Due to the ever growing rate of population, urban areas are becoming more and more a requirement, this being possible only through the loss of rural areas which have extremely important functions of their own, especially when it comes to storm water management. The soil in the rural areas play a very important role as...
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Storm: Hurricane Florence And Its Impact On The Carolinas

Introduction Hurricanes are known for their potentially destructive nature, and with that comes an economic impact that can halt the productivity of most coastal cities . The east coast of the United States is especially prone to major hurricanes, which is made evident ever year a storm affects the region. According to the official information...
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