Essays on Street Art

The Art Of Mutualism: Analysing El Marian's 'Always True' Mural

The definition of art is subjective; other people understand art as a way of life, while others define art as an expression of feeling and emotions. However, the capacity of artwork to reflect what happens in society is one of the most intriguing facets of art. Throughout the history of art, different muralists have taken...
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The Idea Of Commercial Street Art

The appeal of street art in urban areas is thriving. Seen by the ignorant as merely an underground reflection of adolescent rebellion, street art is being recognised as much more than just vandalism. It is powerful and culturally valuable, giving us all a captivating reason to look up in an era where we’re so used...
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Street Art: Legal Controversy And Reaction Of The Society

Art is a way for people to express their emotions or get a statement across. Artists do this by working with different mediums or surfaces to create their work. Some popular forms of art are photography, painting, sculpture, literature, music, dance. Although these art forms can cause an uproar by the way they are presented,...
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