Essays on Stroke

Stroke: Symptoms, Prevention And Treatment

Symptoms The range and seriousness of early stroke symptoms vary, yet they all tend to occur suddenly. When stroke leads to damage or death of brain tissue effects can be seen in those parts of the body that damaged brain cells control. As one side of the brain has control over the contrary side of...
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Stroke Patient Adjustment

Stroke is a deliberate and life-threatening chronic health condition which may lead to death but those who survive this severe chronic illness are generally lumbered with a series of health issues. (Thompson, Sobolew-Shubin, Graham & Janigian, 1989). These health issues are identified as hemiplegia, cognitive impairment and speech malfunction which can be improved and treated...
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Stroke: Definition And Personal Experience

Stroke has been classified as the most disabling Chronic disease. Many individuals have known or have friends, relatives, loved ones, or someone close to them who have either experienced firsthand or have seen the effects of a stroke. Stroke is a commonly known disease that is often fatal. A stroke occurs when blood flows to...
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Neuroplasticity After Stroke: Definition and Principle of Work

What Is Neuroplasticity After Stroke? The word neuroplasticity is combined from two words: neuron and plasticity. Neurons are the nerve cells in brain, and plasticity means that you can mold or reorganize something. Therefore, neuroplasticity refers to the process of reorganizing the neurons in brain. As an illustration, if the part of your brain responsible...
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